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Scientist Essay Examples

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Forensic Scientist Research Paper

Definition of a Forensic Scientist There is a definition for a forensic scientist. According to Career Information Center, there is a definition for forensic scientist, “forensic scientists gather and evaluate evidence from victims, vehicles, and scenes of crimes.” “Their findings may help to convict or prove the innocence of a person accused of a crime.”…

Food Product or Ingredient Development Scientist

Develop tastier, healthier, less expensive, and more convenient foods and ingredients. Blend the science of food with the culinary arts to satisfy consumers and your own creativity. Food Microbiologist or Food Safety Expert Investigate the source of the latest food-borne illness outbreak, create a new rapid test for pathogens, develop a better food processing method….

Scientist’s Presentation

1 You are a scientist presenting your latest discovery to two different audiences. On Monday you will present to the board of directors of your company. All of the members of the board are highly accomplished scientists who stay up-to-date with every medical breakthrough in your field. On Tuesday you will present your research to…



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Forensic Scientists in Law Enforcement

With the advancement in information technology, the complexity of criminal cases has also increased. This has led to rising incidences of highly sophisticated crimes that require a well grounded evidence that can help prosecutors to proof an individual guilty before a court of law. This can be done successfully by use of forensic science. Due…

Do Scientists Have Any Special Moral Obligations?

1. Topic: Consider the extent to which knowledge issues in ethics are similar to those in at least one other area of knowledge Do scientists have any ‘special’ moral obligations? Or should science seek to be free from any values and morals? This has been a popular topic that has been discussed throughout not only…

Top 10 Filipino Scientist

Benjamin Cabrera Cabrera earned his degree in Medicine at the University of the Philippines in 1945. He then decided to continue his education at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, where he garnered his Master’s Degree in Public Health, major in Medical Parasitology and Public Health. He graduated in 1950. Focusing on his major,…

Jagdish Chandra Bose

Jagdish Chandra Bose, a distinguished Indian scientist, announced his discovery to an astonished world in 1900. At an international conference of physicists in Paris, and later in England, Bose proved plants respond to pain and suffering much like humans, even when the plants are cut or transplanted. To prove his theory, Bose invented an instrument…

The Vision of the Researcher as a Neutral Social Scientist

The approach to any of the social scientists has always been one of detachment.  Any researcher or scientist in any of the fields of Social Science will emphasize the need for the scientist to maintain a neutral stance and maintain a certain level of distance from the research subjects.  Recently, there have been schools of…

Behavioral scientists

Gang violence is a social phenomenon that has caught the interests of behavioral scientists, psychologists and other related fields. At the forefront is the fact that gangs are social groups that have exclusive rules and strict codes of brotherhood which can actually provide the need for belongingness and affiliation as well as security in the…

Research Ethics for Social Scientists: Between Ethical Conduct and Regulatory

In this case, the questions of when researchers may possibly feel that they had a responsibility to protect research subjects along with what they can do when faced with criminal behavior are addressed (191). The commentators in this case included ted Palys, john Lowman, Monique marks and Dick Hobbs. On the question of intervening on…

How do religious believers respond to challenges posed to them by scientists?

Challenges to religious belief started around the time of the renaissance, before this the Church had almost complete control over people’s views, although criticisms were present. Since the only literate people were generally monks or priests for a considerable amount of time, challenges to religion were dismissed. However gradually times changed and with them so…

To What Extent Is Stevenson’s Novel Critical of Science and Scientists?

During the 19th Century, science had experienced great expansion. The theory of evolution had been discovered and published to the public, proving the idea of human evolution from apes. There was the discovery of new elements in science, therefore allowing chemical reactions. A profession as scientists had become acceptable in society and was a well-paid…

Scientists Who Contributed to Atomic Theory

John Dalton Founded basis for atomic theory. Atomic theory: 1. Elements are made of atoms 2. Atoms can’t be divided 3. Atoms can combine to form compounds 4. Atoms of a given element are identical. 5. Atoms are rearranged in chemical reactions William Crookes Invented the Crookes cathode ray tube around 1875 J.J. Thomson Proved…

scientists and what they did for atomic theory

what did Democritus and Leucippus do? natural world consists of atomos and void what did Dalton do? formed a basis for the atomic theory what did Mendeleev do? developed a periodic table with 63 elements what did J.J. thomson do? discovered the electron what did Robert Millikan do? determined the charge and mass of an…

Elements Named From Famous Scientists

Curium named in honor of Pierre and Marie Curie for their investigations in radio activity Einsteinium named after the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein, Time magazine’s “Man of the Century” Fermium honors the great Italian nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi Gadolinium first isolated from the mineral gadolinium. Gadolinite was named after John Gadolin, a chemist from Finland…

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