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Sculpture Essay Examples

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Foundations in English Literary Studies Assignment 1

Ozymandias was a powerful king, who ruled with an iron fist. Lines 4 and 5, “Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown”, “And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command” shows that Ozymandias ruled with contempt, dominance and conceit. He was a very unhappy man, not forthcoming or humble in any way, as a…

Andy Goldsworthy, John wolsely and Rosalie Gascoigne

The three artists that we have studied, Goldsworthy, Gascoigne and Wolseley, are all contemporary environmental artists. They all have their own unique practice and all of these artists are concerned with the environment hence all of their works are environmentally friendly. Their works all challenge the viewers imagination and are aesthetically pleasing. John Wolseley-Practice-Wolseleys interaction…

Michelangelo’s Sculpture “David”

David “” Analysis and Structure It is obvious that Michelangelo was meticulous when creating this sculpture. His sculpture, David, must have been done after studying the human form a great deal. The lines he has used are very natural, and though his figure is rather chiseled, the lines seem very gentle. Michelangelo has paid special…



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Sculpture and Late Assyrian Palace

Since the beginning of human imagination, we have fabricated the idea of power through imaginative creatures for protection. The origin of this idea dates back before the death of Christ with “bas” relief animals attached to gate walls. During the Assyrian Era, Lamassu guarded the gates of Sargon II in Bet-Nahrain. Lamassu is a Neo-Assyrian…

The Four Davids

David, who was destined to be the second king of Israel, destroyed the Philistine giant Goliath with stone and a sling. Donatello, Verrocchio, Michelangelo, and Bernini each designed a sculpture of David. However, the sculptures are drastically different from one another. Each one is unique in its own certain way. Donatello, whose David was the…

“Ozymandias” Themes

The message or theme of the poem of “Ozymandias” is that man is insignificant and his efforts are vain when compared to the forces of time and nature. Shelly expertly uses diction in the poem to portray important ideas. By encompassing time and nature into a theme Shelley brings a divine sense to the poem….

CheckPoint: Comparison of Three Sculptures

Learning that there were actually different versions of David came as a surprise to me. I am not a fan of art and never expected to be interested in learning about sculpture. The three artists featured in this checkpoint all have a different styles for this same sculpture. I will cover each in an order…

Humanities and Architecture – Gio Ponti

Sculpture is created by merging durable or plastic material, commonly stone either rock or marble, limestone, ivory, and/or granite. Sculptures are created through carving and/or assembled, built together and welded, or molded by sculptors. In addition, sculptures are three-dimensional art-work that can be seen commonly in public places. In renaissance period, many sculptors were known…


The artist has painted a portrait of his friends and colleagues. Each one of them is in the prime of their youth, with seemingly no worries. They are all seen having a relaxed time oblivious to their surroundings. There are thirteen people featured in the painting, including two children. The colors in the painting are…

Art History Museum Paper

The Statue of Kaipunesut dates back to the fourth dynasty in the Old Kingdom of Egypt. It was excavated at Saqqara, a vast burial ground. This specific piece was located at the mastaba of Kaemheset, which was Kaipunesut’s brother. It was carved out of acacia wood which is a native timber of Egypt. The native…

How to Make a Mask

When it comes to the world of prop building, mask making, or prosthetics their are specific steps to follow. Otherwise if one were to mess up they can end up on the hospital due to chemical mixing. Now it’s not as dangerous as it sounds but its never good to inhale any type of fumes,…

Developments in 3 Dimensional Art in 20th Century

Three dimensional art works went through a heavy period of transition through the 20th century. At the start, sculpture could be summed up in Johann Gottfreid von Herder’s consideration of sculpture as “a harsh reality. ” Unlike painting and the other traditional media, sculpture was being redefined, both formally and technically. Painting, despite the many…

A White Garment of Churches – Summary

The video starts out with the Romanesque period of churches and cathedrals. The main example of these churches is the Autun cathedral. This cathedral has the classic Romanesque architecture where the walls are heavy and made out of stone. There are pillars and a very structured and separated floor plan through the use of pillars….

To What Extent Do You Think Was a Revolutionary Sculptor

Kritios was an Athenian sculptor, whose style and technique during the late archaic period helped revolutionize the archaic period into the Classical period. He has two main statutes that I am going to examine the first of which being the Kritios boy. Also referred to as “the first beautiful nude art” it is very important…

Medieval Wood Carving

Ever since man has had the ability to fashion wood tools and weapons they have been carving them to have designs and be unique from all the others. Wood carvings can be on almost any wooden object from pipe stems to furniture and even the more complicated: church doors. In the first 11 centuries or…

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